In order to get some space, gain  more clarity on the logistics of my decision for top surgery, and commit  to raising the funds needed... I have moved up to Portland, OR for a few months under the name "Bye Boobs  Bicycle Repair". The cycling as well as trans and queer community here is amazing and so supportive and tight knit. It has not been hard to spread the word about all of my bike repair earnings going towards my surgery fund, and people are so happy to support me  through this journey.

At this point, I hope to have raised $1000 of the $3725 needed by the end of the month through my work alone. Soon I will send my first round of fundraising letters which will hopefully put me further ahead. This would not be possible if I was still paying rent and other expenses in the Bay Area. I want to thank my dear friend Ramona who drove me up here with all of my tools, and the Howling House for providing me use of their sweet basement to work in. Also, all the rad people who have been spreading the word for me and encouraging me to push on!

I miss the bay area, and I plan to return and continue 'Oakland Rad Bikes' as well as the second half of my fundraising efforts. I cant wait until this is through so I can put even more energy into making Rad Bikes better and better!
In the mean time check Narcolepsy symptoms.